The License that is Right for You

Basic features of printing and working with data


  • Single-user license*

  • Basic labels print features

  • Basic data working features

  • Template editor

  • Printing labels only for one product at once
Enhanced printing features

$11 Perpetual License

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$5 Monthly Subscription

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Everything in Free, plus:
  • Single-user license*

  • Printing labels for several products at once

  • Templates scaling (one template - different sizes of labels)

  • Adjusting gap between labels

  • Images in labels

  • Rotation of shapes and text, transparency, textures and effects for borders and backgrounds, icons in labels

  • Formatting numbers and dates in labels

  • Free technical support:
    - for subscription for the entire duration of the license
    - for perpetual license within 3 months from the date of purchase

  • Minor updates and bug fixes free of charge

  • Upgrade to a new version:
    - for subscription is free of charge during the entire period of the license validity
    - for perpetual license is free of charge within 3 months from the date of purchase, then with a 30% discount
Maximum printing and data handling features

$19 Perpetual License

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$9 Monthly Subscription

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Everything in Lite, plus:
  • Single-user license*

  • Data import

  • 1D Linear and 2D Barcodes

  • Save labels to a PDF or Excel file

  • Binding templates to products

  • Integration with external applications and business systems

  • Product images in labels

  • Auto-fit font sizes in labels

  • Visibility of layers and shapes in labels according to the conditions (promotions, discounts, etc). Several templates (layers) in one, the output of the required by the conditions

  • Formulas and Pascal scripts in templates

  • Typical actions on a group of selected products in the database (pricing, discounting, markup, barcoding, etc.)

  • Auto size of shapes in labels according to the text size

  • Binding of shapes to the sides of template and other shapes (relative positioning and dimensions) in labels

  • Simultaneous printing on different printers (different template on different printer)

  • Template export

  • Data export from database
All features, including network and multi-user access

$39 Perpetual License

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$19 Monthly Subscription

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Everything in Professional, plus:
  • Multi-user (floating) license*

  • Simultaneous work of several users (4 for each license)

  • Work via local network and RDP (Remote Desktop Connection on the server)

  • Common to all users data and templates

  • Access control and user rights system (logon with password; control of rights of printing, editing, etc.)

  • Increasing number of concurrent users (+4 on each additional license)

* A single-user license permits work with PricePrint on one computer. A multi-user (floating) license enables a several of users to work with PricePrint on any number of computers independent of location.

License upgrade

Upgrade Lite license to Professional license

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Upgrade Professional license to Corporate license

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Upgrade old version with 30% discount

Upgrade old version to current version

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